Stress Management Quiz

This questionnaire is a simple qualitative guidance around self assessment not intended to replace or negate any formal medical assessments. It will take you about 3 minutes to complete it. All data will be treated in total confidentiality.


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1. Do you find yourself able to relax when you need to?
2. Do you often find yourself being overwhelmed by your environment, situation, circumstances or current context?
3. Are you able to cope with your stress levels?
4. Do you feel you manage your time well?
5. How do you rate yourself in terms of being efficient?
6. Do you allocate personal 'me' time for yourself?
7. Do you take regular physical exercise?
8. Are you aware and receptive to your body's signals?
9. How often do you find yourself feeling tired?
10. How often do you feel depressed?
11. What is the quality of your sleep like?
12. Are you able to easily restore your energy levels?
13. Do you feel you adequately set and manage priorities in your life?
14. Have you identified values in your life which you guide yourself by?
15. Is it clear what you consider important for yourself?
16. Do you normally act according to your own wishes?
17. Do you naturally feel confident?

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