Special because it places us on the threshold between two doors: a space where we reflect on the past year, but also get ready for the new year to come. Of course, we cannot put time on hold for this reflection, but it is worth taking a pause as we integrate those two periods.  

Bear with me on this because I am sure you will find some goodness!

Before opening the door to 2022… Look back on 2021

It has been another difficult and changeable year for everyone, and like many I felt that I would really like to see the back of it. However, when I took a few moments to consider the positives of 2021 more closely, I realised there were achievements and changes of which I could be pleased and proud:

  • Cupping and the Treatment of Chronic Pain

I am now trained in cupping – an area I have wanted to explore for some time, especially as there are so many elements that can benefit long term. I undertook my training in France with my colleague, Bertrand Courtot. The course expanded my knowledge, and I am now more equipped to treat chronic pain.

How does cupping work?

Acupuncture is an accepted and well-known benefit for pain relief. Many of you will know that I already use electro-acupuncture, a method that gives interesting results for chronic pain. Cupping is now another tool I can use; it works differently to acupuncture and may feel less invasive for some patients.

Cupping works both on the skin and within our fascia (the thin white envelope that surrounds our muscles and organs and that connects the whole body). The cups themselves are either made of silicone (cold and applied on oil) or glass (heated first with fire). A practitioner can use them as a static tool (putting them in place and then leaving them to rest for up to 20 minutes) or in a more dynamic way similar to massage.

  • The Sophrology Network is growing

As co-founder of The Sophrology Network, I am delighted to report that it has been a great year with wonderful feedback. The network is spreading and growing, with new students in Sophrology, as well as experienced qualified Sophrologists from all around the world, becoming part of our community. Follow us

  • Change in corporate mindset

The mindset regarding to mental health and work habits in the corporate world is shifting. There is still a long way to go, but there is more understanding and flexibility in attitude, with some even giving resources to their employees to enable them to access help. I wish most sincerely that this trend persists and develops even more in 2022! Please do get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

  • My special charity

We all have causes that mean a lot to us, and resources have been needed more than ever recently. In September I gave all the revenue from one day of my consultations to the Winnicott charity, a cause that is close to my heart, and that felt good. I look forward to repeating this event in 2022. 

  • My patients

It is always a real pleasure and a privilege to share part of your wellness journey with you – and when I receive a positive comment in a consultation, or read a review online, it is like getting an extra daily dose of oxytocin.

Confucius said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

What is your own mantra?

Free Sophrology live practice session

2022 is here! Let’s welcome it together

Over the years I have learned that when you give, you receive twice over, whether in very small but pleasurable ways, or in larger or unexpected returns. This has happened often enough that I now completely trust that it will!

On Sunday 16th of January at 10:15am (UK time), I will be doing a Sophrology live practice on IG. To join this 30-minute free practice, simply log onto your IG (and also to mine – florencepasteurhealthpractice). Look forward to seeing you then!

In the meantime

The practice will be closed until the 10th of January inclusive – but don’t forget that you can plan ahead and still book your next appointments in advance.

For now, I wish you a “Merry Bubbly Festive Season” and a big thank you from the bottom of my heart.

See you soon (live or online!).

Holistically yours,

Florence Pasteur