Dynamic Relaxation – an alternative to meditation

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Dynamic Relaxation – an alternative to meditation

Meditation not for you? Try dynamic relaxation

Read my feature article in Families Magazine about “Dynamic Relaxation”.

I include two extracts from the article below.  Press the red button to see and read the full article.

l experienced the physical change after my first 10 minutes practice, which made a whole difference. I found Sophrology the easiest tool among many others that I have tried. It offered me more than what I expected. I loved the dynamic, engaging and a positive interaction in a safe space created by the practitioner.

Mrs T. 44 yrs old

It’s a lifetime of tools for a balanced lifestyle! Suitable from 8yrs. Tried and tested by Families South West editor, who loved it. Florence is super.

Pascale Gravell

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  1. Marie Michaud says:

    I am a CCRN and a Sophrologist and am thrilled to bring Sophrology into Healthcare in the USA. I was trained in France and have practiced many years.
    I would be interested to use it on a larger scale with caregivers. Research only confirms its benefits.
    I live both in France and the USA.
    Any contact with interested people is welcome.

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