Special Edition 20th Anniversary: A Thriving Path of Infinite Possibilities through Collaborative Energy

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Join us as we celebrate 20 years of wellness and growth in the UK! Discover the transformative journey of holistic healing, collaborations, and the power of team spirit in this special edition of our newsletter. As a token of our gratitude, we are offering a complimentary Sophrology practice session to our valued readers. Embrace the joy of well-being and unlock your potential with us

What decades of research tells us about living the good life

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Share What decades of research tells us about living the good life on LinkedIn Excerpted from The Good Life: Lessons from the World’s Longest Scientific Study of Happiness by Robert Waldinger, M.D., and Marc Schulz, Ph.D. Copyright © 2023 by Robert Waldinger and Marc Schulz. Published by Simon and Schuster. Used with permission. All rights reserved. You might be wondering how we can be so sure that relationships play such a central role in our health and happiness. How is it possible to separate relationships from economic considerations, from good or bad luck, from difficult childhoods, or from any of the other important circumstances that affect how we feel from day to day? Is it really possible to answer the question, What makes a good life?

Que perdons nous a gagner du temps?

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Nous connaissons tous et toutes cette sensation de courir après le temps, de ne pas arriver à bien l’organiser ou le répartir. Alors que nous vivons ce temps qui nous échappe comme une donnée naturelle, Hartmut Rosa montre que l’accélération temporelle est une dimension constitutive de notre époque.