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About Me

I started my career in Osteopathy and Sophrology after practicing professional Handball at an early age during my ‘sport-study’ school years. I was three times French championship winner and once vice-champion. Having witnessed the physical traumas and injuries of sport and the mental setbacks they can cause in one’s life, I decided to pursue a career that would enable me to help others manage their mental and physical healing. Thus by my mid-twenties, I obtained my professional certifications as an Osteopath and Sophrologist and began my career in alternative and complementary health care, eventually setting up my own practice in central London (UK) in 2008.

As a professional health practitioner and former sportswoman, I do understand the fundamental importance of establishing a symbiosis between the well-being of the body and life balance. Time and again Osteopathy and Sophrology have proven their benefits in achieving that.

In more recent times, I have added the practice of Western Medical Acupuncture as an extra tool to enhance my portfolio of skills to aid my patients’ healing process.

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