Florence Pasteur Health Practice

A contemporary practice that understands the connection between your physical and mental health – and provides you with a solution.

Restoring Functionality and Vitality to the Body & to the Mind

Florence Pasteur works with you in alliance. She considers the whole person at all times, skilfully focusing on either one therapy, or a combination of approaches, to foster your overall wellness.

Optimising your Health

Taking a holistic and inclusive approach with established and proven therapies increases their overall benefit on your health improvement – leading to a stronger ownership of wellness for you and your family.

  • Reduce pain and stress
  • Raise your awareness, self-management and positivity
  • Balance vitality and increase resilience
  • Reduce the need for intrusive treatments, drugs or surgery
  • Prevent unhelpful behaviour patterns from reoccurring
  • Improve sleep and increase immunity
  • Boost health and wellness
  • Live life to the optimum

Florence is an outstanding professional. Her smart and holistic approach means that she can provide very precise and helpful support whether it is as a sophrologist or as an osteopath. Her understanding of the interactions between mind and body makes her a very precious ally in one’s self-development. I wholeheartedly recommend her.

Cecilia FG

Florence has been my go-to person to fix me for the last 9 years. She helped me with migraines, sciatica, during my 3 pregnancies, after a car accident and to relief the effect of stress on my body. She is gentle and calm but so efficient. She saw each of my 3 babies a few weeks after birth and I do also recommend her for babies and children.

Violaine C

Florence est une personne exceptionnelle, très professionnelle et douée. Elle est très efficace dans sa manière de travailler, précise et douce. Je recommande Florence vivement. (Translated by Google) Florence is an exceptional person, very professional and talented. She is very efficient in her way of working, precise and gentle. I highly recommend Florence.

Yoan E

Florence is one of the most remarkable people I have ever come across. Her passion, devotion and absolute love for her craft shines through her practice. She certainly is a woman with magic hands. As soon as one walks into her clinic, she can somehow sense the energy and immediately resorts to fixing the issue be it physical or mental without having to explain much. She is genuinely a delight to be around and a wonderful human being. Her method I think is like no other as she doesn’t only tackle your physical pains but also digs deeper into the soul as often our bodily pains are purely mere reflections of our inflamed mental status. Do not hesitate to pay Florence a visit as she will undoubtedly work wonders on you!

Maryam Abdulla

Osteopathy: A therapy to restore balance and function.

Everything is connected. Osteopathy takes into account how every part of your working body moves – and makes manual adjustments to regain, rebalance and reinforce your normal physiological functions.

Sophrology: Reconnect and empower all your resources and resolve.

Everything is connected. Sophrology is a positive therapy that enables you to reconnect all your resources, and foster your overall wellbeing and mental and physical health.

Medical acupuncture: Effective rebalancing of the whole body.

Everything is connected. This modern approach uses contemporary knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology, as well as the principles of evidence-based medicine, to address pain relief, healing and mental health issues.

Corporate: A holistic approach to maintaining your team at full strength

Everything is connected. Florence Pasteur works alongside companies and organisations to help ensure that each element of their vital workforce is functioning well individually, and as part of the greater team.